AI for Workplace Wellness

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Articles

While artificial intelligence continues its sweeping disruption across the enterprise, one of the more complicated areas is workplace wellness. Employers now know that ensuring employee wellness is core to creating a positive employee experience. It’s even been tied to higher profits.

AI’s continuous understanding of behaviors coupled with its discretion around personal matters gives employees more comfort to engage. There’s also AI’s speedy response time and smooth conversational method.

Lastly, newer AI-powered technologies have the ability to improve employee wellness by tracking personal progress along side overall business impact. For example, one AI wellness tool analyzes thousands of anonymized employee queries and aggregates them for terms related to wellness. The app discovered a 410% spike in one year as compared to the year previous, numbers that were not noticed by company leadership or through traditional methods, but now can be calculated, monitored, and addressed.