AI-based speech sentiment technologies are enabling organizations to automatically understand the intonation of the human voice to make personalized predictions of a person’s behavior such as engagement, interest to purchase, and satisfaction.

Today, many companies are turning their voice data into actionable insights through the power of real-time AI speech analytics on their sales, service, and inquiry calls. AI-driven voice analysis can detect deep insights into a person’s granular emotions such as their intent, perception, and, sentiment by analyzing how their words are spoken, their tone, inflections, pauses, rhythm, pace, outbursts, and even breathing.

The benefits of speech evaluation include reducing handle times, cutting employee costs, boosting conversion rates, and answering operational questions such as “Will this person buy?”, “Why are people calling us?”, and “Who are our best reps?”. Researchers have also experimented with using AI to analyze language patterns to screen for health issues from mental disorders to virus-illnesses such as COVID-19.