Human-Aware AI

We combine the power of people with deep learning for optimal results.

The Next Generation of AI

Our proprietary artificial intelligence solutions leverage the principles of both motivation and understanding, which are the context for very behavior, to create AI-centric experiences that drive impact. Willow, our powerful human aware AI, guides and motivates individuals to improve their behaviors in order to achieve goals and productivity. We believe maximized people become maximized workers.

Our Products

Meet, Willow. Our proprietary AI generates human-centric solutions that enhance performance and productivity while also pinpointing benchmarks and revealing opportunities. Through self learning and automated reasoning, our AI continually evaluates new and past interactions to interpret and improve positive outcomes — all while external conditions and internal goals constantly change.


Utilize proprietary deep learning and advanced computing to transform personal and professional development.


Use our AI to drive wellness programs, automated check-ups, track improvements, and to provide daily health visibility.


Harness the power of AI to build and support your application solution. From Safety to Marketing, the sky is the limit.


Jump start your retail business by using our AI to improve your company advanced technology and The Internet of Things.


Optimize your agency or marketing department by utilizing AI to predict market conditions and target prospects.


Automate processes, streamline workflows, and build a digital workplace powered by advanced AI.

Let us help with your AI decisions.

You may not be sure how to use AI or how to to take advantage of it, let our experienced team of experts help you identify the exact areas in which our proprietary AI, Willow, can bring you the best business benefits and outcomes.


Increase in competitive advantage


improvement in new ventures


reduction in overall costs

Immediate Impact

Mitigate risks and generate opportunities by exploring human-centric strategies made possible by artificial intelligence. Our world-class technology generates deep insights that integrate with and augment existing processes, while accumulating intelligence that accelerates personal and organizational transformation. We empower people to answer critical process and strategic questions in a repeatable way to take advantage of opportunities and fix issues before they are a problem.

Use Cases

AI has numerous use cases across many different markets and industries including automating manual tasks, analyzing big data, predicting outcomes, increasing engagement, and improving safety and compliance. Infuse Willow into your systems and workflows to tap into organizational data and put it to work to make more accurate forecasts, automate decisions and processes, and optimize employees’ time.

Built on Willow.Platform -

Built and powered by the Platform – enabling fast to market mobile and web solution that allows large scale construction sites to better manage their safety awareness and engagement. Learn more!

Built on Willow.Platform - Marshall Solutions AI

Marketing research data and predictions. Find out what 30+ years of marketing research data with third-party data, consumer data, and government backed statistical data can do for you. Learn more! 


I need to…

  • Make predictions based on historical records.
  • Increase sales by knowing what clients want.
  • Optimize customer engagement & interactions.
  • Produce final decisions that improve processes.


I need to…

  • Identify employees who are likely to depart.
  • Predict demand for resources and inventory.
  • Calculate risks, breakdowns, and malfunctions.
  • Automate invoices, work orders, and contracts.


I need to…

  • Improve advertising campaign conversions.
  • Optimize digital journeys and experiences.
  • Reduce churn by identifying likely suspects.
  • Improve customer experience with chat bots.


I need to…

  • Analyze all available information for patterns.
  • Discover similarities or anomalies in big data.
  • Discover customer behaviors and tendencies.
  • Extract specific information to check for errors.